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What is chronic care management?

Chronic care management (CCM) is a care management service that provides coverage for patients with chronic conditions a continuous relationship with their care team. Care management includes the formulation and management of a comprehensive care plan, medication management, and care coordination.
Patients will benefit from CCM through increased access to medical staff and resources as well as clarification of medications, increased health engagement, and a reduction in emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

What is remote physiologic monitoring?

Remote physiological monitoring is a healthcare practice that involves the use of technology to monitor patients in a virtual manner. This practice has gained popularity in recent years and is being utilized with great success in the treatment of chronic care patients.┬áDone in real-time, our practice employs the use of technology in the live collection of vital parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, weight, or any other relevant measure. This can help our team of experienced providers analyze and make an informed decision based on the patient’s health.

What are the benefits of remote physiological monitoring?

In addition to giving patients increased healthcare access, another beneficial factor is that both the patient and care provider can easily be notified if any abnormal vitals are detected. Patients with chronic care conditions that require extensive care are able to monitor any changes to their health on a daily basis. in the long-term, healthcare practice can help decrease the rate of readmission and emergencies, while also boosting patient satisfaction.

Our providers are here to help.

Remote physiological monitoring gives our providers an opportunity to stay updated with patient care virtually. As noted above, this can also increase the efficiency of each individual visit and streamline the process for all parties invovled.

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