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At Remix Health, our team believes that the best services come hand-and-hand with compassion and dedication. With over 10 years of medical and management experience, our integrated care team is here to help you reach your goals.
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Apollo Professional Services offers support to customers and companies in the Healthcare and Healthy Lifestyle industries. We have a team of interdisciplinary professionals with backgrounds in medical assistance, hospitality management, business administration, marketing, and Revenue Management Cycle that can take the different departments in your company to a new level of excellence, organization, and customer service. 

At Apollo Professional Services you will find trained professionals who work as Concierge Specialists, Insurance and Authorizations Specialists, Payment Posting Specialists, Credentialing, Customer Service Coordinators, and Sales & Marketing Coordinators. 

The team is tech-savvy and knowledgeable in several different softwares and apps, including EMR systems, CRM platforms and communication applications.

These are some of the tasks that are performed by the team members at Apollo Professional Services:

Concierge Specialists:

  • Answer calls from patients, providers offices, hospitals and other facilities. ● Reply to patients’ messages, emails and address voice messages. 
  • Schedule, reschedule, cancel, and confirm medical appointments. 
  • Create and update patients’ profiles in different EMRs. 
  • Scheduling, demographics, and documentation QA verifying that the patient profile is complete and that documents and results are uploaded in the EMR. 
  • Retrieve results from different labs and imaging facilities and make sure they are uploaded to the patient’s documents in a timely manner. 
  • Order labs, screening and imaging tests as needed. 
  • Manage incoming and outgoing referrals. 
  • Send appropriate orders to Home Health Agencies. 
  • Create and follow up on DME orders. 
  • Update medication lists and send refills approved by the provider. 
  • Document management: Keep track of incoming faxes, complete forms as needed, and send documents for the provider to sign.

Insurance and Authorizations Specialist:

  • Gather and update insurance information. 
  • Perform insurance verification to find out if a patient is eligible, if the provider is in network and if there’s a copay or any other amount that needs to be paid by the patient for medical services. 
  • Initiate Prior Authorizations for sleep studies and injections.

Various EMRs including but not limited to:

  • eClinical Works
  • drChrono
  • General hospital-based EMR / systems

Other systems and apps include:

  • Insurance portals
  • Computerized intake forms
  • General productivity suites
  • Healthcare referral / DME / home health applications
  • Digital / Electronic signature applications
  • HIPAA compliant secure messenger systems
  • HIPAA compliant fax systems
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Meet The Apollo Concierge Team

Office Director

Stephanie Baars

Hardworking and reliable Hospitality Manager with 12 years of experience working in dynamic and fast-paced environments; proficient in both English and Spanish with strong ability in strategic planning and customer service. Extremely oriented to detail and resourceful when it comes to problem resolution. Offering leadership, commitment and strong work ethic in administrative or operational positions across different industries. Highly organized, proactive and punctual with a team-oriented mentality. Passionate about helping others and seeking to be a better person every day and leave a mark of optimism, professionalism, and discipline in those around me.

Credentialing and Document/Management Specialist

Ernesto Ahumada

Knowledge in selection processes, administrative functions, personnel management, recruitment and hiring, and customer service. Mastery of management functions in the areas of planning, human resources, and credentialing. Excellent performance in database management, work organization, business consulting in aspects of strategic management, analysis of the effectiveness of human resources and market research.

Insurance and Authorizations Specialist

Raúl Beltrán

I have an Associate Degree in Computer Networking, although I have been working for more than ten years with Medical Supplies and now I am currently working at Remix Medical and so far I am loving it. It is great to accomplish the daily tasks at this company, it really makes me feel great that I am somehow helping people

Revenue Cycle Management

Ana Morato

Payment Posting Specialist

Andrea Coral

Our Concierge Specialists

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