Introducing a new way to reach our clinic

At Remix Health, our team has adopted a secure messaging platform for internal needs. Secure texting applications are not only built to be HIPAA compliant but also to help share important, sensitive patient information, without the risk of data theft, security breaches or regulatory noncompliance. 

The vast majority (91 percent) of 200 U.S. respondents would like the ability to communicate with their loved one’s care team via text messaging, according to a DrFirst survey.

That’s why we now offer patients the ability to message our practice 24/7
via a mobile app called Spruce.

  • Schedule an in-person appointment
  • Ask your care team any question about your health
  • Get treated instantly for common medical issues
  • Connect with your provider via a video chat
  • Request a prescription renewal

1.  Download App

2.  Create an Account

  • Open Spruce once the app has finished downloading.
  • Create the account.

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